Leslie Frazier--a Convenient Candidate to Appease the Rooney Rule

1/15/10 in NFL   |   NorseHeathen   |   9491 respect

Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has already been approached by several teams about their head coaching positions. Were they legitimate discussions? In at least the Seahawks' case, probably not. They had their mind set on Pete Carroll from the start. But look for Frazier to get some more looks, including potentially Buffalo, where he also interviewed, and is still rumored to be a leading candidate.

"There will be a time to talk about what happened a week ago, but I don't know if now is necessarily the most appropriate time. But there will be a time. I'd like to get a third ring. It's not hard for me to move on beyond (the interviews). Not hard at all, I promise you. These opportunities are just so rare in the National Football League, for players and coaches, and for me to be in this situation and know that we're just a couple of games away from our goal as a team, no, it's not hard at all, believe me."

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