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Lindsey Vonn's Bronze planned?

2/20/10 in Olympics, Summer   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

By now we've all heard that Lindsey Vonn scored her second medal of these Olympic games, albeit a bronze, in Super-G.

The question making the rounds now, though, is was it planned?

Rumor has it the designer of the Olympic course, Austrian coach Juergen Kriechbaum, made specific design enhancements on the course to "de-Vonn" or "Lindsey proof" the course.

He, of course, denies such a preposterous accusation, saying,

“You don’t make a course against one person. This is stupid. She’s good, but not so good that anyone would set it just to stop her.”

of course, to admit such a ridiculous effort would be to admit that Vonn is just that much better than any of the Austrian skiiers and heaven knows, that would be preposterous.
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