Little League coach breaks into vacant store with his players

6/10/09 in LLWS   |   guylake   |   321 respect

There are many life lessons that can be taught through youth sports: self-reliance, working as a team, accepting defeat and being gracious in victory. Add to this list how to break into a vacant store and loot it of items for your coach.

An Arlington, Virginia Little League coach, George Spady Jr., was with his son, a nephew and another team mate when the coach suggested they break into the vacant store and liberate it of some light fixtures and bolts. Spady's son was allegedly asked to crawl through a vent to unlock the store from the from the inside.  After he did so, the coach and boys gathered the loot and brought it back to Spady's truck.

The boy not related to Spady later told his father and the police what happened. The coach was arrested and charged with 2nd degree burglary. Reportedly, Coach Spady's next life lesson will be titled, "What We Do with Snitches."
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