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Long Time since an updte and so sorry

5/7/10 in Locker Room   |   gayskip3girl   |   71 respect

Good Day to all my great Fan IQ friends.As yall know I don't get on here much and it is because my mom as you know had breast cancer and open heart surgery last year.Well she had breast cancer surgery again march 19th 2010.She is doing good even hough the cancer went from the breast to the rib breast bone and lungs.She is doing both radiation treatment and chemo at the moment and so far so good.She is staying strong and not being sick which is amazing cause she is getting really strong treatments.Thank you all for all the prayers you have sent up for my mom.We greatly appreciate them.Now an update on myself.I miss you all very much but taking care of her takes most of my time.Plus May 17th I will be having surgery myself on my perodid gland to remove a non cancerous tumor.So I will be down for a week.but as soon as I am able I will come on and let everyone know I am ok.Hope everyone nd doin great and having a wonderful time with all the games.and one last thing what about my Rays,WOOOO HOOOO Go Rays keep kicking butt.LOLTake Care everyone and God Bless each of yall.HUGS to all.Miss yall lots Gay
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