Looks like my prediction was correct!!!

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We all know or have heard about the disgruntled converses Osi had after some of the games and end of last season. People took the preverbal ball and ran with his comments. One of my BIGGEST pet pives,is people love to exploit a player,and try to hurt and mislead. all along i have defended his actions,by saying they edited out parts of the chat.
    Osi has been playing at pregame warmups and is showing he wants to be a Giant,and Jerry Reese pretty much has confirmed that Osi Will be Back!!
  Lets show Osi our love and support,and write all the Giants links! Lets show our support to all our Ny Giants! Its never too soon to start supporting our teams!
  Also, eli, steve smith, antrel Rolle, chris canty, as well as osi and others  have shown their dedication &have shown up for preseason workouts! Lets show our appreciation and support and start cheering them on!!  GOOOOOOOOOOOO GIANTS!!!!!!!
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