Los Angeles Kings coach rips fans for booing

3/18/11 in NHL   |   Scott   |   54576 respect

According to Los Angeles Kings head coach Terry Murray, it's NOT ok to boo the home team.  Last night at Staples Center, the Kings faithful let their team have it after an uninspired performance against the St. Louis Blues.  The fans literally booed the team off the ice after the 2nd period with their team trailing 2-0.  Kings coach Terry Murray wasnt impressed with the fans response, calling it the most embarrassing thing he's ever seen while coaching. 

Hey Terry, when you pay good money to watch a team perform, you're entitled to boo when they dont come thru.  The Kings are fighting for their playoff lives yet were outplayed and outworked by a team that was playing for nothing but pride.  Instead of sounding off on the fans, how about going off on the team and making sure they dont give the fans a reason to boo.

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