Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer are not championship caliber players

2/22/13 in NBA   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

Blog Photo - Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer are not championship caliber playersI have now accepted the fact that regardless of when Derrick Rose returns, the Chicago Bulls will NEVER make it to the NBA Finals unless Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng are gone from this team.

These two guys just don’t have the heart or will to win needed in order to help Rose get past the Miami Heat. Boozer still shows no effort in committing to help defense. Deng no-shows more games against good teams than any “all-star” I’ve ever seen. I thought I was done playing the Duke card, but these two players are the epitome of soft in a big spot. I’ve always felt players from Duke lacked that passion to win on the next level. It’s more about the body language that is infuriating to watch.

Boozer puts his head down and watches players go to the hoop without moving a muscle. However, regardless the score, Boozer goes out of his way to yell and flex when he does something productive on the offensive end. There’s just no consistency in the behavior. It comes across as the typical today’s “ME” attitude athlete. No passion to help the team when needed, but over-the-top reactions when the camera is on him after a made basket, even if down 15 points.

And while Luol Deng may be an all-star for his all-around game, he certainly does very little to separate himself as a go-to offensive threat. I am often blown away by how infrequently Deng looks for his offense. Deng appears content with being a facilitator during so many possessions. I hate to say NBA players play “scared”, but when you watch Luol Deng against certain defenders, he just vanishes in games, where someone of his caliber should be demanding the ball.

And I know the Heat play great defense, it’s just tough to watch your so-called “star” players not being more aggressive. It’s so painful watching these two constantly passing up shots the second a defender gets in the vicinity. It’s the NBA--you’re supposed to be good enough to make tough, contested shots. Boozer is slightly the better of the two in that regard, however, Boozer makes it easier on defenses to recover or rotate with how slow he is in deciding to take a shot.

Boozer and Deng have to lead the NBA in missed layups. They probably miss more layups than they make. Think about that for a second. They treat the ball like a hot potato when catching it near the basket. When adversity stares both players in the face, neither one responds. Numbers don’t always tell the story by what a player means to a team; It’s all about how a player performs in clutch situations. A player can have their average numbers already with 5 minutes left in a game, but do nothing the rest of the game to help their team win.

Based on the personalities of both players, and their inability to rise to the occasion, Derrick Rose will have take his game to even a higher level if he ever wants to advance and one day win an NBA title, as long as Boozer and Deng remain Chicago Bulls.
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