MLB Power Rankings Week 13

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Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings Week 13This was a pretty streaky week. The Pirates lead the way with 9 straight wins, making you wonder how they're going to manage to make their yearly pilgrimage back below a .500 winning percentage. The Angels are also streaking, with 6 wins in a row, showing us a glimpse of what everyone expected coming into this season.

On the flip side, the Yankees, White Sox and Brewers have all lost 5 in a row. For the Brewers and White Sox, it's really just business as usual. For the Yankees, however, it's a tough blow, since it gives the teams around them a chance to pick up a few games on them that could wind up being critical down the stretch.

Without further ado, here are your MLB Power Rankings for week 13:

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 11. St. Louis Cardinals (49-32) [Last week: 1] - Despite an overall record slightly worse than the streaking Pirates, the Cardinals' run differential of +112 is by far the best in baseball, and they'll hold on to the top spot for at least one more week.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 12. Pittsburgh Pirates (51-30) [LW: 5] - The Pirates have won 9 in a row, and are making things very difficult for themselves. After 20 straight seasons of sub-.500 baseball, they need to go 29-52 or worse over the rest of the season to maintain their ignominious streak.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 13. Boston Red Sox (50-34) [LW: 2] - In what was expected to be an extremely difficult month for them, the Red Sox finished June with a 17-11 record, among the best in baseball. Only the Blue Jays and Pirates (both 17-9) had better records for the month of June.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 14. Texas Rangers (48-34) [LW: 3] - The Rangers have won eight of their last 10, but their run differential is a remarkably low +33, considering they're 14 games over .500. Their offense is quite different from the juggernauts of past seasons.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 15. Atlanta Braves (48-34) [LW: 6] - The Braves continue to lead the NL East by a formidable 6.5 games, the largest division lead in baseball. They're on a 3-game winning streak, and Jason Heyward hit .312 in the month of June. That's a positive sign for Atlanta.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 16. Baltimore Orioles (47-36) [LW: 9] - The Orioles just finished a 4-game sweep of the Yankees, and Chris Davis and Manny Machado are on unprecedented paces, offensively. Machado is on pace to break the single season doubles record, and could do so rather handily.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 17. Oakland Athletics (48-35) [LW: 7] - The Athletics are still hanging around, only a half game back from the Rangers in the AL West. Bartolo Colon's resurgence is a fascinating story. The 40-year-old is 11-2 with a solid 2.79 ERA.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 18. Cincinnati Reds (46-36) [LW: 4] - The Reds are struggling a bit as of late, with 7 losses in their last ten games. That's going to make it extremely tough to compete in the NL Central, where the top teams are the two best in baseball.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 19. Detroit Tigers (43-37) [LW: 8] - Miguel Cabrera continues his assault on MLB pitching, currently hitting .373 with a rather ridiculous 1.141 OPS. It's incredible how he has followed up his triple crown season with an even better showing.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 110. Cleveland Indians  (44-38) [LW: 14] - The Indians are keeping up with the Tigers in the AL Central, thanks to their 4-game winning streak and winning 7 of their last 10. Jason Kipnis has been on fire at the plate lately.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 111. Tampa Bay Rays (43-39) [LW: 15] - The Rays are anxiously awaiting the return of their ace David Price, and he could be the catalyst that gives them the bump they need to make a run for the AL East.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 112. Colorado Rockies (41-42)  [LW: 13] - Carlos Gonzalez leads the NL in home runs, and Michael Cuddyer is 2nd in the batting race, with a stellar .344 average. Their lineup is one of the best in the NL.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 113. Arizona Diamondbacks (42-39) [LW: 11] - The Diamondbacks have dropped three in a row, but they're still two games up on the Rockies in the NL West. They'll need to stay consistent if they want to make the playoffs.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 114. Toronto Blue Jays (40-41) [LW: 12] - The Blue Jays are still working on coming back in the AL East, but they dug themselves in a deep hole to start the season. They've lost 5 of 7 following their 11-game win streak.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 115. Washington Nationals (41-40) [LW: 19] - The Nationals are starting to get it together, bringing their record above .500 and starting to show signs that they could crawl into contention at some point. That would be a relief for them, after a rough start.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 116. New York Yankees (42-39) [LW: 10] - The Yankees have lost five in a row, and are one of the coldest teams in baseball at the moment, dipping back toward the .500 mark. They're the only team in the AL East with a negative run differential at the moment.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 117. Los Angeles Angels (39-43) [LW: 22] - The Angels are finally making a charge. They've won six in a row. It's probably not a coincidence that Josh Hamilton, who was ice cold to start the season, has a 6-game hitting streak.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 118. San Diego Padres (40-42) [LW: 17] - There has been a setback with young slugger Jedd Gyorko, who was supposed to be back last week, and the Padres could really use his bat back in the lineup sometime soon.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 119. Kansas City Royals (38-41) [LW: 18] - Eric Hosmer is finally turning it around, hitting .303 with 6 HR in the month of June. That's after only 1 HR in the months of April and May combined. His bat could help energize their lineup.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 120. Los Angeles Dodgers (38-43) [LW: 24] -  The Dodgers are starting to win a bit, going 8-2 in their last 10 games. If they keep this up, they could definitely make a strong run at the relatively weak NL West.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 121. San Francisco Giants (39-42) [LW: 16] - The Giants are streaking the opposite direction, with 8 losses in their last 10. It has been a rough stretch for them, and they'll most likely turn it around shortly. They're too good to keep losing like this.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 122. Minnesota Twins (36-42) [LW: 21] - Justin Morneau is showing some signs of the elite hitter that he used to be, even if he only has 4 HR so far. He has somehow still managed to rack up 48 RBI despite the relative power outage.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 123. Philadelphia Phillies (39-44) [LW: 20] - It's hard for Philly fans to remain patient during a rebuilding period, but that looks like exactly what they'll have to do. This team is pretty bad, and won't be contending at all this year.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 124. Chicago Cubs (35-45) [LW: 26] - The Cubs' -10 run and the fact that they're 10 games under .500 seems to imply that they'll improve a bit. Will it be enough? No, but there are reasons for optimism in the future.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 125. New York Mets (33-45) [LW: 28] - Are the Mets starting to climb the standings a bit? Honestly, probably not. But they benefited a bit this week from not doing terribly, and watching other teams around them go into a nosedive.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 126. Seattle Mariners (35-47) [LW: 23] - The Mariners drop a bit this week thanks to a bit of a rocky stretch, in which they've lost 7 of 10. Nick Franklin has been a breath of fresh air for their offense, which is overall pretty abysmal.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 127. Chicago White Sox (32-47) [LW: 25] - The White Sox have lost 5 in a row, and their biggest power threat is batting under .200 on the season. Also, their pitching staff has been pretty mediocre beyond Chris Sale and Jose Quintana.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 128. Milwaukee Brewers (32-48) [LW: 27] - The Brew Crew are sitting on five straight losses, and putting themselves in an extremely bad spot if they have any hopes whatsoever of making a run this year. Does anyone think they're capable?

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 129. Miami Marlins (29-51) [LW: 30] - The Marlins are actually 7-3 in their last 10 games, which bumps them up slightly from their customary 30th spot. They actually have some young talent, they're just a long way from showing it.

Blog Photo - MLB Power Rankings week 130. Houston Astros (30-52) [LW: 29] - The Astros have taken over the bottom spot, thanks to a 3-game losing streak and the worst run differential in baseball, by far. They're sitting at -112, almost 30 runs worse than the Marlins (-83).

If you love these rankings, you're probably a smart baseball fan. If you hate them, let me know why, in the comments below.
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