Major League Baseball to reprimand and possibly suspend umpire Joe West

5/27/10 in MLB   |   Scott   |   53894 respect

Despite being one of the games most tenured umpires, Joe West has the reputation of being one of baseball's worse men in blue.  You see, the cardinal rule when it comes to umpiring is to stay invisible and with every passing game, West seems to go out of his way to make the game more about him then the players. 

We all remember earlier this year when West called out the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees for being "pathetic and embarrassing" because of there long game times.  It seems instead of moving on, West decided earlier this week to solicit reporters to further talk about the subject, which drew the ire of Major League Baseball.  Throw in the recent on the field incident with Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle and manager Ozzie Guillen that resulted in both parties being ejected after a pair of suspect calls and a Guillen rant that would make George Carlin proud.  Major League Baseball finally realizes that they have a problem and are prepared to do something about it. 

As a baseball fan, nothing annoys me more when an umpire makes his presence known for no apparent reason.  I realize that umpires are going to make mistakes now and again but it also seems that a couple of umpires... West and Angel Hernandez have long been the two that annoy me the most.... are more interested in making it known that they are on the field too.  An umps job is to be as invisible as possible because last I heard, fans dont come to the game to see umpires.

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