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Make My day!!!!!!

8/13/10 in Locker Room   |   Onegoodredhead2   |   9961 respect

Last week, while visiting my kids, i went and bought a 6 pak of beer and a really great sammich at Lombardis in Petaluma..    I had a simple sundress and no make up,,and went to pay and i saw "that look"....(.Now i dont drink much, so seldom buy liquor, but i like this tangerine  wheat beer on a hot day.....)
   The cashier then asked me for my ID!!  Im almost 52 years old!!..I was shocked but happily so!!!  are you kidding me?? I said to her....gave her my drivers liscence and her jaw her i could be her mom!  so Fellow "Qers"...when was the last time you were asked for your ID and how did you feel??  
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