Many of this year's free agent class have huge question marks

11/21/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Fanhouse's Matt Snyder has compiled a list of 11 big-name (or somewhat big-name) free agents this year that could present potential problems for their future employers, for whatever reason. Thanks to the overall weak class this year, a lot of these guys will be collecting some huge paydays... some of them will be highway robbery.

Snyder's list includes:
Jason Bay
Rich Harden
Miguel Tejada
Marco Scutaro
Joel Pineiro
Vincente Padilla
Russell Branyan
Carl Pavano
Jarrod Washburn
Jose Contreras
Marlon Byrd

For the record, he's not saying that these guys aren't good, he's just saying that they'll probably get overpaid. Do you agree? This seems like the kind of year where an above average guy like Jason Bay will get superstar money, despite the fact that his second half numbers were atrocious, and he's a mediocre fielder and a .280 hitter, who will get you around 30 HR and 100 RBI in a decent lineup. He could end up getting paid like an elite hitter... and he's not quite there yet.
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