Marc Bulger is considering retiring, who will Rams take in NFL Draft

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Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, citing multiple sources, says that Rams QB Marc Bulger is considering retiring.

There's of course a pretty good chance that Bulger won't be back in St. Louis even if he does decide he wants to play in 2010, but considering the circumstances of the last few years in St. Louis with the coaching changes, horribleness of the team, and Bulger's multiple injuries (he only played 8 games this year), it seems Bulger is ready to pack it in.

This of course brings up a pretty important question. Who do the Rams draft #1 overall? Lots of people think the Rams should take Ndamukong Suh, but if they don't have Bulger anymore, they absolutely have to take a QB at some point in the draft or sign one in free agency.

So what do you do if you're the Rams. Suh or a QB? Not an easy question to answer.
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