Mark McGwire may make an appearance as a pinch hitter for the Cardinals

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Tony LaRussa apparently thinks that Mark McGwire might still be able to help the Cardinals. And not just as a hitting coach, but as a pinch hitter.

"If we're in contention, we'll put him on the roster Aug. 31. It's a nice little dream. Is it likely? Probably not. I don't think it's a zero possibility. The point is, you'll see him in spring training. He won't be leaning on the batting cage chatting it up. He'll work his (butt) off, and hitters will be thrilled he's there helping them."

I think it's insane that he's even thinking about it, but if LaRussa lets McGwire pinch hit, he will actually be doing him a huge favor. By the time his Hall of Fame eligibility rolls around again, the steroids stigma might wear off, since everyone will be suspected by then. After realizing that, I think the voters will go easier on Big Mac.
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