Mark Sanchez is having a worse statistical rookie season than JaMarcus Russell had

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Pretty interesting EPSN Insider article which is up right now about JaMarcus Russell and Mark Sanchez. Since most of you probably can't access it, it's also been summed up on Deadspin.

Vince Verhei presents the stats - JaMarcus Russell, 2008-09: 198-for-368, 2,423 yards, 13 TDs. Mark Sanchez, 2009-10: 196-for-364, 2,444 yards, 12 TDs. The difference? Sanchez threw way more picks.

From Verhei's article:

Russell started 15 games at age 23 in 2008; Sanchez started 15 games at age 23 in 2009. The biggest difference is in interceptions, where Sanchez was significantly worse, throwing 20 interceptions to Russell's eight.

Yikes. So Sanchez threw 12 more picks than Russell did his rookie season.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Sanchez will become the next JaMarcus Russell, of course, but it does seem to shed some light on the idiocy of people praising Sanchez so profusely for leading the Jets through the postseason. It's the defense and running game that have done that folks, not Sanchez.
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