Marty Turco loses bet with a Canadiens fan. NHL not impressed

4/6/11 in NHL   |   Scott   |   54845 respect

During last night's Chicago Blackhawks/Montreal Canadiens game, Blackhawks backup goalie Marty Turco reportedly lost a bet with a Canadiens fan sitting next to him.  The fan called a Montreal radio station after the game and reported the bet and said that Turco had paid up $25 when the Blackhawks lost.  Turco has since come out and said that he returned the originial $5 that the fan gave him.  In the link for this story, you can see a pic that was posted on twitter of Turco receiving the money AND the money that was returned, complete with a message from Turco

The NHL is investigating the incident, no doubt not fond of reports that one of their players were betting on games while they were on the bench. 

Something tells me Marty Turco is going to be more then $5 dollars lighter in his wallet after this
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