Matt Holliday will be a free agent, making a smart decision to test his value

11/6/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

It looks like Matt Holliday will be raking in some huge money this offseason. The Cardinals technically still have about 2 weeks to negotiate exclusively with him, but things aren't really looking that good for the Cards, and it seems almost inevitable that he'll hit free agency.

It that is indeed what happens, it's a smart choice for Holliday. He's the best free agent this year, and even though this is a ridiculously weak free agent class, he's sure to get the big dollars if he plays his cards right. The Red Sox and Yankees will both be looking for an outfielder, as well as the Cardinals, Giants, and several other teams. Things are looking good for Holliday, and I have a feeling that free agency will be very good to him.
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