Matt Stafford named starting quarterback of the Detroit Lions

9/7/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Well, the decision is in for the Detroit Lions. Matt Stafford will be the starting quarterback from Day 1. And I would have to assume that this also means he'll be given quite a lot of leeway in terms of making mistakes. In other words, if he throws a few horrendously stupid picks, don't expect to see Duante Culpepper warming up.

Of course, the bigger question here is this: Is this the right move?

I know the Lions paid through the nose for Stafford, but there isn't exactly a great track record for QBs that instantly got thrown into the fire. I figured the Lions would start with Culpepper and then by about mid-season hand over the job to Stafford.

Anyway, that's not the case. So this year we'll have Stafford and Mark Sanchez starting. Should be interesting to see how they do.
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