Matthew Stafford went back in the game for the Lions, despite coaches holding him back

11/23/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

I was one of the many people who thought that the Lions' selection of Matthew Stafford as the #1 overall pick was a mistake. It may or may not be the truth, but he showed some great qualities... like you see in this picture, when the battered QB ignored the trainers and ran out to lead his team down the field for a referee-assisted game-winning drive. Detroit4Lyfe might be a little biased, but they said it best:

"Yes, that's Matthew Stafford, a rookie, trying to run away from an athletic trainer to get back on the field and lead the Lions to victory.  The rookie, who was hit 20+ times last week and is always under constant pressure behind a subpar (understatement) offensive line, wanted to go in with what could be a separated left shoulder and lead the 1-8 Lions to what was essentially a meaningless victory?  That's toughness."

He might end up being a bust, for all we know, but at the very least, he's got the attitude of a winner. Can't fault him for that, even if it's years before the rest of the team catches up.
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