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Maurice Jones-Drew loses fantasy game because he took a knee at the one

11/20/09 in Fantasy Sports   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

This has to be one of the great stories of the year. Remember when Maurice Jones-Drew took a knee at the one against the Jets last week? Well, it turns out he not only burned thousands of fantasy owners out there, he also burned himself.

Drew - who is a fantasy junkie - lost his head-to-head matchup for the weekend by 5 points. A touchdown is 6 points, so there you go.

“That would have had me at 6-4 at the top of my league,” Jones said. “It might cost me, but I trust that my team will step it up these next couple weeks and get us back into contention.”

So how funny is that? The guy who killed many peoples' fantasy teams may have killed his own team in the process. Simply phenomenal.
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