Mid-Season grades for fantasy football...and a shameless plug.

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Yes, boys and girls, its that time of year in fantasy football. The time to gripe about your busts and boast about your studs. What's that? Girls don't play fantasy football? Hogwash! My wife has beaten me 5 of the last 6 years in our league. No, I didn't actually beat her two seasons ago but that tie was glorious. Perhaps I have said too much.

USA Today is sharing their picks for mid-season studs and duds Unsurprisingly, among their duds we find names like Brian Westbrook, Terrell Owens and Clinton Portis. For me, I would add Jay Cutler and Frank Gore to the mix among others. Cedric Benson, no surprise, is the best value of the season thus far.

Shameless Plug Alert:
  The trouble with season-long fantasy is once you have drafted you are largely stuck with what you have (damn you, Brian Westbrook!) or whatever scraps you can grab from the bonepile (AKA free agent list). There are only so many Miles Austins to go around each season, so the free agent quest is fruitless for most.

Don't turn your back on fantasy because of drunken errors made in August. It's November! Who can even remember August? Or Vegas? Or that stripper's name? FanIQ is offering absolution for your drafting sins with Quick Fantasy. You can pick a new team every week. You draft a crummy team and lose some Q Bucks? No worries, just play again next week. Quick Fantasy is a perpetual forgiveness machine. Plus, I know of no other fantasy game allowing you to send poo to your opponent with your winnings. So take your sorry 2-6 ass over to our game and challenge the owner who trounced you last week. Forgive yourself. Punish him.
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