Milton Bradley throws the ball into the stands after the second out

6/13/09 in MLB   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Milton Bradley has not exactly endeared himself to Cubs fans this season, what with the myriad injuries (Bradley has missed 13 games) and poor production: .224 batting average/.714 OPS. Now Cubs fans have another reason to dislike their off-season acquisition: In the eighth inning of Friday's game against the Minnesota Twins Bradley tossed the ball into the stands after making a nice catch on a Joe Mauer fly ball. The problem? It was the second out of the inning, not the third.

Bradley's take on the gaffe?

"That's life. These people [Cubs fans] have high expectations. I have high expectations for myself. I never made a mistake like that [losing track of the outs] in my life. Sue me."

Don't be surprised if some enterprising Cubs fan takes him up on the offer. Bradley is being paid $30 million over three seasons and some may feel he is not living up to the investment, especially as players such as Adam Dunn and Raul Ibanez were available at the time.
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