Minnesota Vikings may move to Los Angeles, according to former team executive VP

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There have been talks of moving an NFL team back to Los Angeles for years. Ever since the Rams and Raiders left, it has been a topic of discussion every time a team struggles to sell out their games, or an owner gets a crazy idea.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of the potential teams on the list, according to some people. It actually makes a lot of sense. They've had trouble selling out playoff games recently, and this year they've also been at risk of getting blacked out, despite having the 3rd best record in the NFL.

Former Vikings executive VP Mike Kelly says that a Vikings move to LA is a very real possibility:

"There is a very real and meaningful risk we could lose the franchise. It's clear. I did a lot of work when I was there on stadium financing and generally on team finances, and even when we sold out, it was clear that the team could not be profitable in that stadium."

If they're not making money in their current stadium when they DO sell out, how could they possibly be making money when they don't?

The Twins just got a new stadium built, so it seems unlikely that the city would be willing or able to pony up more money for another stadium. So would Los Angeles be the answer?

Several other teams have been kicking the tires on the idea, so to speak, and some teams seem to be logical choices, thanks to their paltry attendance. Most of those teams, however, are terrible teams. The Jaguars and Rams seem to be brought up most often in these conversations, but those are both teams that have been mediocre at best, and could hardly be considered among the best in the league. The Vikings are having attendance issues when their team has been one of the most talked-about teams in the league. That's a problem.

Purple Jesus in LA? Could it really happen?
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