Monta Ellis is a man, man.

11/26/09 in NBA   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

The Golden State Warriors' situation isn't exactly "ideal" for their players. Last night, they dressed 8 and played just 6 of them, and still somehow beat the Dallas Mavericks. In that game, Monta Ellis, Vladmir Radmanovic, and Anothony Morrow played all 48 minutes of it. Four nights ago, playing the Portland Trail Blazers, Ellis and Morrow both also played in the full 48 minutes. 96 minutes, for 2 players on the same team, in two games (no OT's) is utterly ridiculous.

Tonight, it was just the same, nearly, as Ellis played 44 minutes (finally got some rest late in the fourth) and Morrow was given rest throughout, but still logging in 33 minutes.

Probably the thing that makes this more amazing (other than the fact that he's still standing), has been Ellis' performances throughout these three games. He's lead the team in scoring all three nights with 34, 37, and his new career high of 42 points respectively.

The Warriors don't play again til Saturday night at home, so hopefully Ellis and the rest of these guys can go ahead and get some rest.
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