Most Underrated Fantasy Quarterbacks: Who. Ya. Got?

7/15/09 in NFL   |   Brinson   |   respect

 Fantasy quarterbacks: they're definitely overrated, and if only because the position is so freaking saturated. But what QBs are the most underrated? Well, you can be the judge, but I'm pretty sure there are at least five that fit the bill.

For instance, Matt Cassel has no defense. Matt Hasselbeck has Houshmandilly. Trent Edwards has Terrell Owens. And David Garrard has an improved offensive line plus Torry Holt. 

Also, Chad Pennington has ... well, gadummit, he likes biscuits and gravy. And that should count for something, right? Or not. Either way, who you got that's more underrated than these guys?
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