My Five New Years Resolutions

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There is always room for improvement in life. We as humans should always try to evolve ourselves. This is a never ending quest that we must undertake and for many that quest starts on January 1st and ends around January 3rd. So without further ado here is my five New Years resolutions that may or may not stick around till February.

1. Watch more NHL hockey.
I've never understood why I don't watch more hockey. Every time I watch a game I enjoy it. Hockey is also arguably the best sport to watch in person. Unfortunately I only seem to watch it during the playoffs. If only I could find a game on TV.

2. Give Soccer a fair shot.
I'm American and its inherently un American to like Soccer but it is the worlds most popular sport. It has to be good, right? Luckily for me this is a World cup year, so here is to hoping I can embrace the world sport.

3. Stop hating the Chicago Cubs.
They used to be the loveable losers with such greats as the hawk, Ryan Sanberg and Mark Grace. Now they have a bunch of loud mouth under performing contracts, backed up by a loud mouth under performing manager. Supported by a fair weather fan base that would fit in at any California baseball stadium.

4. Eat more Chicken wings.
They are easy to make, with infinite taste options. Then you can dip them in blue cheese, ranch or any sauce you can think of. Yet I still only indulge on these tasty treats occasionaly. I proclaim 2010 the year of the Buffalo.

5. Embrace the BCS.
Every week is a playoff and there is nothing like College Football. Oh heck I can't do it, its a dumb system, just put in a playoff system like every other sport.

One resolution down four to go.
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