My Thoughts On Pac vs Clottey Sat Night,And Fighters I Think That Would Beat And Give Pacquiao The Most Problems.

3/17/10 in Boxing   |   adriene_skills   |   31 respect

After watching the fight saturday night i must say i'm very disappointed with clottey,but pacquiao showed against a good boxer that he doesn't have the defense to beat the elite guys.Clottey was shook of pacquiao's power,but if clottey would have seen he was landing most of his punches everytime he released his hands,then maybe he would have won the fight.

Fighters i believe that would beat pacquiao and give him the most problems at welterweight.

Shane Mosley vs Manny Pacquiao-Mosley by tko or ko

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao-Mayweather by ud or late tko

Paul Williams vs Manny Pacquiao-williams by tko or ko

Andre Berto vs Manny Pacquiao-Berto by late tko or ko

Antonio Margarito vs Manny Pacquiao-Pacquiao by ud or margarito by late tko

Luis Collazo vs Manny Pacquiao-Pacquiao sd

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