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NASCAR has 2 breaks in the first 8 weeks, followed by 14 straight weeks of racing - is it wrong?

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Do you remember when that picture was taken?  Matter of fact, do you remember why that meeting was necessary?

Yeah, kinda what I thought. 

I love Jenna Fryer.  She has a wonderful perspective on what NASCAR needs and very rarely do I disagree with what she says or writes.  This article is no different.  In a few short days we will go back to racing, at Phoenix, but the Daytona 600 was almost two months ago and we've only raced 6 times in that period.  We've had two, count 'em, TWO breaks in the racing action, two breaks in momentum.  Granted, one of those breaks was Easter, which can be excused (although personally I'd love it if the Easter Bunmy brought me a Cup Race every year).  The other break was just three weeks before that.

Not only that, but starting this week, the Cup Series will race for 14 weeks straight, then after a quick July break, through the heat of summer.   

Wouldn't it make more sense to race in the early weeks?  Get people really charged up so they can't wait for the weekend to come for another race, then take a break in May or June?  

I personally think if they need to have a break early on, there should be one after the first five races are done, not the first four.  That way, the top 35 from the previous year's points are done and the drivers are competing every week for their spot bases on the current year's points.  The next break could logically come half way through the Race to the Chase, with the last break of the seaon after the Chase Racers are determined, but before the Chase actually starts.

i don't know if it would work, but hey, there's my two cents.  What do you think?
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