NASCAR relaxes the rules - the fighting rules

1/21/10 in NASCAR   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Most of us can remember when Robby Gordon got so mad at Michael Waltrip after an on track incident that he threw his helmet.  Some might remember Jimmy Spencer punching Kurt Busch.  Another driver - who escapes me right  now - threw his heel shields at another driver.  We've seen and immortalized many of the reactions to incidents and they have become the stuff of great trivia questions.

Then in stepped NASCAR.  They didn't like the "reactions", claiming they were "actions detrimental to the sport".  However, none of us fans ever really understood how a driver, pissed at another driver and showing his pissed-ness  could be detrimental to the sport.  Those emotions and the reactions are what got our blood boiling, either in support of or against one or the other of the two participants.

Well, NASCAR, it seems is finally listening to the drivers and the fans.  Exactly what this loosening of restrictions will mean is unknown.  Will the drivers be meeting each other with fists raised after the race? Well, maybe not, but the discussions and explanations are likely to be a little more descriptive than "Just one  of those racing deals"

Additionally, the on-track competition will likely get a boost.  Along with the anticipated replacement of the rear wing with a spoiler, NASCAR is allowing the cars to have the largest restrictor plate ever, since its inception.  And the restrictions against bump drafting at Dayton and Talladega are gone.  In November, NASCAR dictated that there would be no bump drafting i t the corners of Daytona, but that rule has been recinded.

Sooooooo, when do we start?  Let's go racing boys!
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