NFL quarterback battles: Round Two

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There are a bunch of QB battles going on in the NFL right now. So let's get to them and who is winning them.

Matt Stafford vs. Duante Culpepper:
Stafford was awful in his second preseason game, getting picked off on his first throw and making several horrible overthrows. When you combine that with the fact that he was 5 for 13, and Culpepper was 10-16 for 86 yards, it's safe to say Stafford won't be starting Game 1.

Kyle Orton vs. himself: He's the guy in Denver, but after his first preseason game, when he threw 3 picks, there was some question about whether he'd play himself out of his starting gig. He responded well in his second game, throwing a TD and a pick, which for Orton is a great game. So he's safe from himself, at least for now.

Byron Leftwich vs. Luke McCown vs. Josh Freeman: Leftwich was pretty pedestrian, while McCown was awesome, leading two TD drives. Freeman isn't really in the discussion, but he still had a Vick-esque TD run which was pretty awesome. But McCown is one big performance away from winning this gig.

Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson: Anderson got the last start and impressed. He did throw one INT, but that was one that bounced off a receivers hands and wasn'this fault (and no, said receiver shockingly wasn't Braylon Edwards). Quinn didn't really do anything, so I have no idea who's winning this thing right now, nor does anyone else. All we know for certain is the Browns will suck this year.

Shaun Hill vs. Alex Smith:
They both suck. That's really all that needs to be said.

JaMarcus Russell vs. Jeff Garcia:
 Russell was very good in his second preseason game and has already been named the starter.

Tarvaris Jackson wants to be traded:
Brett Favre's in town, so T-Jax is no longer in a QB battle, but that said, he went 12-of-15 for 202 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions in his second preseason game, which is code for "Please trade me, now."

Kellen Clemens vs. Mark Sanchez:
Round two is tonight. We'll see what happens.
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