NHL Final - Game Four [Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - NHL Final - Game Four [Live Thread]Did anyone really believe it could possibly come down to this?

Okay, maybe Becky did, but did anyone else?  Did Don Cherry? Did YOU?

The Los Angeles Kings can win the whole enchilada tonight, and they may just do so.  In their 45 year history, the Kings have never won the Stanley Cup.  

The importance for the Kings tonight will be to keep their minds on the game, not the big picture.  If they can do that, the win should come easily.  Jonathan Quick has been incredible in goal, winning 15 times so far in the playoffs, with only 2 losses.  The team by team statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of the Kings, but a lapse in focus could make those stats useless.  The New Jersey are going to be playing a desperate to win game, and undoubtedly will be throwing everything but the kitchen sink in the path of the Kings desire to win tonight.

The Devils have three players with seven goals each in the playoffs, while the Kings have Kopitar with 8 and Dustin Brown with 7.  What does that mean?  Both teams have players who can score goals, and who can forget the wise man who said the "Kings need to score goals to win".  Well, technically it only takes one goal to win, but more would certainly preferable.  

CBC in Canada, and the NBC Sports Network in the US will be airing the game live.  It will get under way at 8:00pm ET

In just a few short hours, the LA Kings could be our 2012 Stanley Cup Champions.  Join in here with us and give us your cheers, jeers and thoughts.
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