Nerlens Noel injures knee in Kentucky game against Florida

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Blog Photo - Nerlens Noel injures knee in Kentucky game against FloridaKentucky forward Nerlens Noel has been widely considered one of the best NBA prospects in college basketball.

In a scary moment last night, Noel went down with what appeared to be an extremely gruesome knee injury. has a picture of the exact moment he got hurt, and it looks like there could be some serious ligament damage.

Noel's x-rays came back negative, but that's really no surprise with an injury like this. It would have been highly unusual for him to have broken a bone in this case.

The far more likely scenario is that he has absolutely shredded his ACL and MCL.

This is devastating news for Noel, who would likely have been a high lottery pick in the next NBA Draft, and for Kentucky, who could really use his services this season.

ACL and MCL tears are pretty common in sports these days, and the good news is that doctors have gotten extremely good at repairing them to the point that some players (like Adrian Peterson) come back and look better than they did before the injury.

Still, this is terrible timing for Noel, who's one of the better college athletes in the country right now.

Hopefully, he recovers quickly and completely, and gets a chance to show us what he's capable of in the NBA.
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