New Orleans Saints lose to Buccaneers, second loss in a row

12/27/09 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

The New Orleans Saints seem to be doing precisely what you don't want to be doing at this time of the year, which is starting to play like crap.

The Saints have now lost two games in a row, last week to the Cowboys (which wasn't that big of a deal, 'Boys needed a win and Saints sucked) and this week to the Bucs (yes, this is a red flag alert loss).

So what exactly is going on? Everyone knows that this is the time of year when suddenly a team can get hot and run the table, like the Giants and (nearly) the Cardinals. And that clearly isn't the Saints.

More troublesome for the Saints is that they'll definitely be getting a first round bye, so if they don't play well next week either, with the potential #1 seed on the line, they could go as long as five weeks without having played well at all. That's not good.

But then again, who's their biggest competition in the NFC?

The Vikings? You mean the team that got annihilated by the Cardinals, hasn't played anyone of note besides the Packers, and currently has a feud going on between their coach and QB?

The Eagles? Not as long as Andy Reid finds idiotic plays to challenge and continues to lead the league in horrendous clock management...combined with having a QB who historically sucks in huge games.

The Cowboys? They still have Romo at QB and they still have Wade Phillips as head coach. You just know they'll find a way to lose in the playoffs.

The Cardinals? I never know which Warner is going to show up, '99 Warner or '05 Warner, so your guess is as good as mine as to how far this team could go.

Basically, what you're seeing here is that regardless of how poorly the Saints are playing right now, they can still beat any one of these teams. Of course, with the Saints are playing they could lose to any of these teams too. So basically the NFC is complete garbage right now, is the blunt way of putting it.
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