Norv Turner gets three year extension with the Chargers

1/18/10 in NFL   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I wouldn't say Norv Turner lost the Chargers game against the Jets, but he certainly didn't help. And while I know the Chargers had an extremely good regular season, they definitely had their eyes on the Super Bowl this year. So losing to the Jets, who only won 7 legitimate games in the regular season, can't sit well with management, can it?

Um, I guess it does sit well with them, because Norv was just signed to a three year extension. So I guess that's three more years of the Chargers not winning the Super Bowl.

What's weird about Norv is that I constantly get the sense that he underachieves with the Chargers. Like last year's 8-8 season. The Chargers were way better than that, and they beat the Colts in the opening round to prove that. But they should have put themselves in a much better position for the playoffs than they did. And then this year, they looked like one of the hottest teams in the league, then crap the bed against the Jets. It's like Norv can never put it all together, a great regular season team that plays well in the playoffs. I'm not even a Chargers fan and I'm getting tired of waiting for it to happen.
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