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November 11th is Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is Wednesday November 11th, there are many veterans and spouses of veterans on faniq. 

Since this is a day to honor our vets, please take the opportunity to meet your fellow q'rs who have served, and thank them for their service.

Vets, let us know who you are, where and when you served, and give us a chance to thank you for serving, and protecting our freedoms and those of others around the world.

As the years go by, I appreciate more and more the sacrifice made by these men and women.  There service is done with very little pay, and sometimes with very little support.  Supporting our servicemen both past and present is a critical part of supporting what we hold near and dear in our country, the freedoms we enjoy.  Without our military and the committed service of it's members, our freedoms and liberty would be at stake. 

I salute all of you former veterans, and current members of our armed forces.  Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice.  I also salute you all who support our troops, your efforts in all you do is greatly appreciated by the men and women serving in our military past and present.

(My 6 year old Joshua cleaning a memorial to veterans on Independence day, 2009.)
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