Once a Year Is Enough At Auto Club Speedway

2/22/10 in NASCAR   |   JRSFLAME88   |   2745 respect

Sunday's official guesstimate on attendance was 72,000.

Seriously? The grandstands, which seat 92,000, might have been half full. Maybe. But that might even be a stretch. Let's say they were and give 'em 46,000 for that -- which would mean there were another 26,000 in the infield, where there couldn't have been half that.

A most generous but much closer to accurate estimate on the attendance would have been, say, 56,000. And that's not enough to justify continuing to come this far west two times a year. It's that simple.

Wouldn't it be better for everyone involved to take one date away from Auto Club Speedway and gamble on getting better results in Kansas? For that matter, there are other venues that probably deserve the Sprint Cup date just as much as Kansas and infinitely more than ACS -- such as Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which has been begging for a second race weekend; or even Kentucky Motor Speedway, which is salivating for the chance at just one.

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