PBR's Iron Cowboy

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Whee-doggie!!! Those cowboys competing in the Iron Cowboy event this past weekend had their work cut out for them. It was an exciting event to watch....however.....I got the impression that the competitors were expecting something else. Maybe the format wasn't explained well enough or not at all. Those cowboys and bulls were shot out of those chutes like.....well....like my papa would say: like doo-doo through a goose!
I saw the bewilderment on quite a few faces when a bull would hook a horn in the chute gate, stumble, and even fall down. It was sort of like: 'What do we (cowboys) do?  Can we press the challenge button? What happened to re-rides? What happened to the judging?'

Why don't the same rules apply to this event as apply to the other season events?  Suffice to say that some probably left wondering what happened to the rules. One thing that amazed me was the announcers trying to find a justifiable excuse for no re-rides when the bulls had a problem. One fell completely down, for Pete's sake! Well, it was a good idea anyway, for such an event. Just makes me wonder what is going to arise out of the whole thing.
By the way, in case you haven't read the article about the retirement...whatever...on Randy Bernard, don't worry, he is a significant stockholder and a board member. He will be there with his in-put, which is fine...just so it won't stymie new ideas  for the future.

So much for Iron Cowboy. Shoulda been named something else. Maybe: No matter if the animal drops dead in the chute, you are going to be eliminated, since you can't'/didn't ride it? Sheesh
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