Pauley want a Shocker? Titans stun UCLA in Double OT.

11/17/09 in NCAABB   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Well I know the Bruins were going to redo Pauley Pavilion, but I did not expect the demolition start this soon?

I am a CSUF grad, who grew up loving UCLA and I still love UCLA athletics, the only time that love comes into question is when my Titans happen to cross the Bruins path, which usually happens during Baseball season. Well last night I shocked to find that CSUF and UCLA were going to be on TV, and not just because I was breaking out NCAA Basketball 2009 on the PlayStation. So after watching the grease fire that was the Ravens/Browns I was going to indulge myself by watching a few minutes and call it a night. It seems like a sound plan since my expectations were low. Well I was wrong. In a game that will not be considered art unless, you are a fan of Jackson Pollock, the Titans managed to win a game that both teams seemed not to want to win. Now this is not on par with Cal State’s magical run in ’78 to the Elite Eight, or beating of top ranked UNLV at Fullerton Gym in the 80’s, but this is a memorable win for a program that has had few bright spots. So Cheers to my Titan brethren.


As for the Bruins last night clearly showed that this is a seriously flawed squad. A squad that’s going to consume Ben Howland’s patience quicker than he uses his Timeouts. If he gets this team to the NCAA tournament then he is coach of the year.

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