Phil Jackson says women won't play in the NBA any time soon

12/7/09 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

No offense, ladies, but the idea of a woman in the NBA is nothing more than a publicity stunt at this point. A few weeks ago, David Stern made the insinuation that it could happen sometime in the next ten years. LeBron James spoke out against the idea publicly, and now Phil Jackson is saying the same.

Has anyone really stopped to consider this idea? Diana Taurasi is arguably the best female basketball player on the planet, and she's only 6' tall, and there's no way her speed would even compare to any 6-footers in the NBA. Guys like LeBron are are a half a foot taller, almost 100 pounds heavier, and still a lot faster and more athletic.

Is this really a realistic idea. The correct answer is no.
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