Phil Simms says Tim Tebow's leadership and character will not make him a good NFL quarterback

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I really don't have anything against Tim Tebow, but I do get annoyed by people who say he'll be a good NFL QB because he's got great character and he's a great leader! Those attributes are great, but they themselves do not a great QB make.

And guess what? A Pro Bowl QB agrees with me.

Phil Simms has this to say about Tebow:

Simms says character and leadership aren't nearly as important as the ability to throw the football. And Simms questions whether Tebow has that ability.

"It's about the arm," Simms said. "It's about the arm. Let's just get over that. . . . It's not a powerful arm, by no means. It's not quick. He's just really got to control the football better. He doesn't control it as well as he should to really be a top-flight NFL quarterback, but that can change."

"I think it's
a pretty tough road ahead. I think he has to make some changes as far as how he throws if he wants to be a successful NFL quarterback."

That's the rational take on Tebow. Can he be an NFL QB? Possibly, if he makes a lot of changes. But is it worth going through all the hassle to make those changes when you don't know what you'll wind up with? I don't think so, but then, there are plenty of irrational GMs in the NFL who I'm sure will be content to waste a high pick on Tebow.
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