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Pie In The Sky... Nye or I....or Face:)

7/20/10 in Locker Room   |   Onegoodredhead2   |   9961 respect

Hello Friends! It was Great fun reading everyone's favorite Cakes, so today, i thought we would tell our favorite(s) Pies!!! since a few yesterday preferred pie, i thought this would be fun!! We have Berry good pies Cream filled Pies, regional pies,(ie shoo fly, buttermilk pie,  Derby pie, et al)..We have Frozen pis(for TEach), we have crisps, cobblers, and pudding pies.....Lets hear about your faves or ones you find most interesting..Also let us know if you have a pie in your state/region of the country/world tha tis traditional...This should be fun!!!
    Here to a slice  of  pie in the sky!!!
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