Pistons will sign Chris Wilcox to a two-year deal

7/18/09 in NBA   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Solid but unspectacular. If I didn't know any better I would think that was the Detroit Pistons new motto. The Pistons agreed to a two-year deal for  $6 million with power forward Chris Wilcox. Wilcox played for the Knicks and Thunder last season, posting the worst numbers of his career. Wilcox is only 26 years old and the potential tag has always been visible, sticking out over his back collar. Obviously Joe Dumars is hoping to see the high-flying Wilcox who excited so many when he came into the league out of Maryland.

Hate to tell you, Joe, but that Wilcox hasn't been seen since he wore Terrapin red. His pro career has been marked by modest production (career averages of 9.3 points and 5.8 rebounds) punctuated with the occasional highlight dunk. Wilcox doesn't play tough defense and has no range. On the other hand he looks like a stud athlete. I guess that's worth about $3 million year these days.

The other aspect of this deal is that it thins an already emaciated class of available free agent big men. Mikki Moore, I hope you like Texas or D.C because my money is on you in a Rockets, Mavs or Wizards jersey next season.

As for the Pistons, after signing Wilcox, Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon for a combined $96 million, they have gone from a team that made the Finals in 2005 to roster full of role players. It turns out the Piston's motto is actually, ".500 at any cost."
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