Plan on going to Hell? These athletes may be waiting for you.

10/19/09 in General Sports   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

i call myself a Christian, but some people just get carried away with some stuff. The Amazing Grace Baptist Church in North Carolina comprised a list of athletes who are going to Hell. Yes, they took time to do this. i laughed many times over the list and found it amusing. the full list can be found here:
some highlights:
Adam Archuleta for being engaged to a playboy playmate and having a son with her
Dennis Rodman for domestic violence charge in 2008 and having a tattoo of a naked woman (thats all it says about him!)
Jeff Garcia for marring Carmella DeCesare (thats a sin?)
Joakim Noah for having long hair which is apparently disobiedient to God (Come on people!)
Michael Vick for filing for bankrupcy (nothing about dogfighting so i guess thats OK)
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