Police obtaining a search warrant to get Tiger Woods's medical records

11/30/09 in Golf   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Tiger Woods is finally finding out what it's like when the media doesn't want to kiss his ass anymore. He's also finding out that the police also aren't really into kissing his ass either.

Woods has basically refused to speak with police about the incident with his wife, which he's entitled to do, but since it's pretty clear some form of a domestic assault happened, the police are investigating it. Especially since Woods reportedly told a much different version of events to doctors in the hospital (he said his wife attacked him). Which means he probably lied to the police when he said his wife saved him. It's also pretty clear his wife lied to authorities as well. Basically, neither one of them should have said anything. But they did, and then lied about it, so, you know, that kind of pisses the police off.

Police are now in the process of obtaining a warrant to look at Tiger's medical records, which would tell them if the injuries he sustained could have come from an accident, or a nine-iron to the head.

Woods also has decided not to attend his own tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, which starts on Thursday. 

I hope he knows this isn't something he can hide from. It's never going to go away. Even if he doesn't come out into public for the next six months, the first question he'll be asked when he finally comes out will be about this.
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