Possible Cheating Going On In Vancouver and Pittsburgh Arenas?

1/11/10 in NHL   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

 Being from Deadspin, take this article however you want to, but the pictures make a clear argument. There are claims that the arenas in Vancouver and Pittsburgh tried to give an unfair advantage to opposing teams. During Saturday's Calgary/Vancouver Game, Flames G Miikka Kiprusoff had 19 saves with a green laser facing him the whole game, right picture, and arena security made no effort to stop the person doing it, despite claims from the Flames. During Thursday's Philadelphia/Pittsburgh game, a replay was being made on a possible goal from Flyers LW Simon Gagne, left picture. FSN Pittsburgh handled replays for the game, and NHL officials in the arena and in Toronto ruled it a no goal. FSN then proceeded to show a clearer video angle that proved it was a goal, a replay that was never seen by NHL officials until after the ruling. Do home teams get an unfair advantage in the NHL, or are these just coincidences?
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