Rasheed Wallace says that the NBA referee scandals will grow

12/9/09 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

"I always said to myself and had the thing that there’s no way that the things that he (Tim Donaghy) did he could do them by himself. I always said that. It’s virtually impossible. The things that he’s been accused of, there’s no way, to me, in my opinion, he could have done those things by himself. Possibly. I mean, I’m not sure if they were betting or whatever. But I know it’s going to be, to me, once all this stuff comes out, it’s going to be like — what year was that? — I want to say, was it the ‘32 New York City basketball scandal? And when that came out, how hard it hit and how hard it hit collegiate basketball, that’s how this one is going to do. It’s going to hit hard. I’m just glad that I’m not him or none of these execs in the league."

I can't believe Rasheed would have anything bad to say about the referees, especially since he has always had such an obviously impeccable relationship with them.
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