Ravens' Coach Harbaugh Calls Out The Cowboys

11/6/09 in NFL   |   billywa   |   658 respect

Ravens coach John Harbaugh apparently doesn't care too much for the Dallas Cowboys organization. In an excerpt from an upcoming book about the Eagles, Harbaugh opined that the Eagles continued success stems from their team-building concept, while the Cowboys are focused only on stars, adding, "The Cowboys stand for everything that's wrong with the NFL."

As a longtime Jerry Jones critic who bemoaned the signings of Deion Sanders, T.O., Keyshawn Johnson, Pacman Jones, Drew Bledsoe and many more, let me just say, "Well said Coach!"

UPDATE: Note that Harbaugh did not write the book mentioned here nor is it about him.  It is a book about the Philadelphia Eagles and, as a former Eagles assistant, Harbaugh was merely quoted in the book.

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