Ray Lewis is upset about Brady Quinn's illegal block on Terrell Suggs

11/17/09 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Brady Quinn threw an illegal chop block against Terrell Suggs of the Ravens last night, and Ray Lewis is pretty worked up about it.

"Heck yeah it was a cheap shot. When you're running down and you're looking at the quarterback going at somebody's knees who doesn't even have the ball. I want to see if he gets the same fine I got or even higher. Now this man is out four or five weeks because of some baloney like that."

I can't blame Lewis for being upset. This is a league where QB's are babied and over-protected, it is absolutely unacceptable for them to be hitting other players illegally.

I'd venture to say that if Suggs did that to Quinn, he'd be looking at a $20,000 fine. We'll see if the league treats Quinn the same way, or if they look the other way.
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