Red Sox are still trying to trade for Adrian Gonzalez

12/16/09 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

According to multiple sources, the Red Sox are still very much interested in a trade for Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres, but so far the Padres' demands have been a little too high for Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. The latest rumors appear to be the same.

Some of the names mentioned in the deal have included pitcher Clay Buchholz, who appears to be the centerpiece of the deal, as well as center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury, and prospects Ryan Westmoreland, Casey Kelly and newly acquired (pending approval from the Rangers) Max Ramirez.

As a Red Sox fan, I have no problem with getting rid of Buchholz, Kelley and Westmoreland, if that's what it takes to land someone like Adrian Gonzalez. However, I draw the line at Ellsbury. He's a damn good center fielder, he's young, he's developing into a prototypical leadoff hitter, and he's still in the cheaper, early portion of his career.

After signing John Lackey, Buchholz becomes far more expendable. Casey Kelley's a solid shortstop prospect, but the Sox also have Jose Iglesias, who is thought to be their potential shortstop of the future. But even with the signing of Mike Cameron, I believe Ellsbury is an essential part of the Sox' future, and the Red Sox would be giving up too much if they were to include him in the trade for Gonzalez.

From the looks of it, Theo Epstein is quite convinced that he needs to go after Adrian Gonzalez. And as long as Clay Buchholz is the only player from the Major League roster in the trade, then I'm fine with it. But after that, the Red Sox need to look elsewhere.
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