Redskins fall to 4-11, shutout twice by Cowboys in season

12/28/09 in NFL   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

I hate the Dallas Cowboys and I'll freely admit it.  I can understand the Redskins' fans being upset by Cowboy fans invading their Stadium to watch yesterday's game, but really, they only have themselves to blame for that.  If they had been in the stands themselves, there wouldn't have been seats available for the Cowboys' fans.

However, for Coach Zorn to blame the loss on the amount of blue in the stands is preposterous.

“It was just devastating seeing too many blue jerseys having a good time in our stadium,” coach Jim Zorn said.

It pains me greatly to say it, but the Cowboys deserved the win.  The Redskins were never really in the game at all yesterday and the number of "intentional grounding" calls on Campbell was, well, ridiculous.

Every time Jason had the football, it seemed he was under pressure from Dallas, leading to the comment,

"Jason Campbell might as well have played for the Cowboys, so often did he wear blue and white in the first half. Of course the blue and white he wore contained Cowboys defenders."

The game was so dismal, that by the fourth quarter, the 'skins didn't even look at DeMarcus Ware, the king of sacks.  Nope, he just waltzed right through the defence like it was a choreographed dance move. 

Then, to add insult to injury, the Redskins' former kicker, Shaun Suisham scored a 23 yard Field Goal in the fourth quarter.  For those of you who maybe didn't see it, 23 yards was the distance Suisham needed to kick a couple of weeks ago to give the Redskins a win over the Saints.

I guess Shaun really was working for the Cowboys, even back then.

The Redskins will go on to their final game against San Diego next weekend.  After that loss, let's hope someone figures out how to fix this mess that has become the Washington Redskins.  They are, right now, an embarrassment to NFL.
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