Rex Grossman's father blames Jay Cutler's struggles on the Bears

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Dan Grossman, father of former Bears QB Rex Grossman, had some harsh words for the Bears and the Chicago media:

"It's a self-perpetuating problem that is not Jay Cutler's fault. It's not Rex Grossman's fault. It's not Kyle Orton's fault. It's not every other quarterback who has been through that system's fault. It's the fault of the organization for not understanding what a quarterback needs.

"What's amazing to me is, here we go again with Jay Cutler. He came in and he was going to be the franchise quarterback and lead the Bears. I heard some people say they were going to the Super Bowl this year. And here we are, back in the situation where ... because the team is not really built around a passing game, he has struggled. I don't really blame it on Jay Cutler. 

"You know who I feel worse for? I feel worse for the Cutler family because I know how hard it was on our family. We are a very proud family. We're not going to whine to anybody and we're not going to cry about it. But we're human. It's hard to go through that, especially after you had such high expectations.

"You know this young man can really play the sport and that position. It borders on the ridiculous. And the media wants to continually rip the player. And they are missing the point. It's not the player. It's the organization. I'm not even going to rip the coaches. It's not even the coaches. The coaches are given a clear, strong message: 'We're not building an offensive passing team; we're building an offensive running team.'

"Look at how much money they have put on the defense. That's my observation.

He makes some interesting points, and I agree that Jay Cutler doesn't have nearly enough to work with in that offense. Nor did Orton or Grossman. But when you're talking about a guy who is currently leading the NFL in interceptions, it's hard to blame that one the organization, is it not?

And of course, it's necessary to bring up the fact that this would be a better point if it came from a different source. Rex Grossman was terrible.
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